Tuesday, 25 February 2014

HDM1.1 Tool - Tron "Derezzed" looking procedural RBD activation and shattering (Houdini)

A "Tron: Legacy" character getting "derezzed"  Credit: Disney, Source:cnet.com                                   HDM 1.1 Tool

Inspired with research for "Tron Legacy" done in Digital Domain and Dreamworks Animation I recreated same effect using my HDM Tool for procedural activation / propagation of hundred of thousands 3D pixel looking rigid bodies. Here are some of close up renders:

So, effect itself is broken into two mayor parts: "3D pixels" and their procedural activation. 3D pixels are generated from 
object volume, similar techniques as I used in one of my previous posts  Tron:Legacy.:..::..digitizer..:..::. ;-] in 3DS Max but this time same techniques is applied in Houdini. For procedural activation I used my HDM Tool also shown in previous 
post. Here is how 3D pixels are activated using HDM Tool:

3D Pixels will spread through geometry "pixelating" everything. Here are some close up renders showing propagation

...and final animation as well:

Hope you like it and sorry for poor modeling :)


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