Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Day the Earth Stood Still - Effects reconstruction

"Eating" effect used in "The Day the Earth Stood Still" movie showing swarm of  little robots  “Aphids” eating whatever they touch produced in Weta Digital (source: Originally Maya with loads of coding was used to achieve this kind of effect. In my case I used Houdini and
whole effect is fully procedural, meaning, it`s possible to replace road sign with truck, house, stadium etc. It uses volume of object therefore it`s possible to eat from inside or from surface of geometry. I will continue developing more, this is core, and I`ll publish more tests soon. Hope you like idea.

This procedural simulation is digital asset, meaning it`s fully customisable and adaptable to almost any production pipeline. If you think this could be useful for your studio pipeline, contact me personally.


  1. That is pretty cool! Care to share the setup? =)

    1. Hi,

      thanx!, yes definitely, plan is to conduct free, mini seminar on `maya and houdini in vfx` to serve like introduction for my Master classes. During introduction I`ll talk about The Day the Earth Stood Still - Effects reconstruction as well. Whoever is interested, please contact me. Registration will start soon

    2. I am definitely interested! Hope to hear from you soon :)

  2. Hey Borko, please do include me in your mini seminar.

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  5. your work is very good you deserve a big platform