Friday, 28 September 2012

CGI Water pipeline

RnD on CGI water pipeline, comparing Naiad, Realflow and Houdini`s new Flip solver. Pretty decent
results for 5 million particles. bgeo cache size is around 45GB. Flip solver stores, beside others, velocity
attribute for isolating white water and spray particles.

River sim.: 
Mesh is between 0-15M points, here is shaded, non rendered, main body of water simulation:

Splash sim.:
Using same method, only this time point is on splash and foam (white water) particles

Sea water:
R&D continues, this time on shading and rendering. Mantra PBR render. White water and foam are isolated, rendered and composed as separate elements:


  1. Do you need a fast computer to do all this particles? Houdini looks great. But how do you render it to make it look real.

  2. you need at least quad core i7 with 8-16GB of ram as starter, more is better. also u`ll need fast disk since simulation cache easy could go up to 200GB and more, so SSD drive is good idea as well.
    to render you have to mesh particles first and apply materials for main body of water and different material for foam and splash. also you`ll need proper environment to cast reflection and refraction. I`ll render my sims and publish once I got some spare time. hope this helps

    1. Hi , Your render is cool! can you make of a tutorial? Thanks!

  3. AnonymousJune 25, 2013

    ha....awsome...Very beautiful