Thursday, 17 July 2014

Forest Troll - Digital Creatures / Fantasy characters (ZBrush / Maya)

Yep, beside effects animation, I`m also 3D modeller  / digital sculptor. From now on, beside effects, lighting and shading, I`ll publish some of my 3D models as a lot of my colleagues and students suggested…

Just a bit about character … it`s a troll looking creature who sells rare, magical and very expensive flowers to other forest creatures and humans. Also he is the only one who is able to find them…  (lame description, I know :))

My wife modelled base mesh in Maya and I did sculpting and texturing in ZBrush. I used fibermesh curves as guide for maya nHair since I need hair to interact with a character while he is moving. Here is upper body render:

High poly digital sculpt:

and some low poly meshes as well:

As for effects, hair is done using fibermesh curves as a guide for maya nHair and here is initial test:

and here is final hair shape fully supported by nHair dynamics:


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