Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Procedural / Directable Shattering

Thinking Particle system controls direction and velocity of explosion. Null is used to point/direct event...
Simple teapot is used just like a reference, it`s possible to be replaced with any kind of geometry, meaning, instead of heaving exploding teapot we could have shattering window or maybe part of the building. More-less same system is possible to build in Houdini as well, since TP and Houdini share similar philosophy.

This procedural simulation is digital asset, meaning it`s fully customisable and adaptable to almost any production pipeline. If you think this could be useful for your studio pipeline, contact me personally.


  1. cool, how you did that? some info? thx!

  2. Thanks.
    In short, frags particle group goal is to follow null group, meaning that frags group follows, via follow node null group. Of course with some gravity as well. Hope this help

  3. hi.
    you can use explosion shape mesh to control velocities (speed and direction) of frags. Or several helpers with some kind of fallof to share frags between different helpers.
    it will give you more control over explosion shape


  4. what a nice blog...thanks a lot Borko.
    what you've done so far is really brilliant..help me a lot.

    nice to meet you,

  5. Replies
    1. Nice job!

      Keep the blog alive for a lomg time. :)