Monday, 26 December 2011

Ground Blast

One of older projects I did with my students Henry Heng and Francis Leong back in 2009. Originally everything was done in maya. This time I redesigned ground cracking elements using TP for max.
So it`s a combination of 3ds max procedural voronoi fracturing, using Volume breaker, including procedural frags activation at the same time. Rigid body solver is Physx. Big ground chunks and particles are exported in maya to drive fluids and another set of particles is used for a secondary debris (instanced geo.) Dust passes are maya fluids. Mental ray for rendering and Nuke for compositing. And here is small breakdown:


  1. nice render, looking realistic.

    I'm using maya 2009 and know its almost imposible to make good shuttering effect with maya only

    I like your blog ;)

  2. Yes, it`s a bit easier now with maya 2012 DMM and PhysX but we still need good shattering tool. Thanks