Monday, 30 January 2012

Cloverfield VFX

Credits: Paramount Pictures

Cloverfield, New York, Statue of Liberty scene, one of my favorite VFX scene. I tried to reconstruct scene when big Statue of Liberty head hits the street.
Original scene look really cool but I wanted to see how it would look with more debris and more of impact in general. Maya for modeling, TP for dynamics, debris, particles etc. I did 2 versions, with more and with less impact. This is non-rendered version. Here is first:

And v2, less impact, bigger debris

All sims are procedurally driven, meaning that impact point particles are triggering voronoi shattering. Debris are inheriting velocity from impact point as well.

This procedural simulation is digital asset, meaning it`s fully customisable and adaptable to almost any production pipeline. If you think this could be useful for your studio pipeline, contact me personally.

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  1. would u make a making of..will be great or small tutorial wil be helpful as well.