Saturday, 28 December 2013

BFH Tool - custom feathers / hair tool v0.8 (beta)

image credits: Disney / Pixar "UP" and "Birds"

Inspired by Pixar (Disney) birds from various movies such as "UP" (Kevin the bird) and "Birds" I wanted to create similar feather / hairs tool. On the other hand there are only few commercial tools  
available at this moment. Tool is still in beta phase. I used Houdini`s procedural approach to create, style and groom feathers. Next step is to add some dynamics which will react on a character movement.

Feather grooming and styling is divided in few stages. First is painting or populating areas with feathers. It is possible to paint areas with different type of feathers. For example, Kevin`s has fine, almost like hair thin feathers around neck area but on the other side much bigger feathers around other
parts of his body. In that case it`s possible to paint two, three or more different groups of feathers with different properties. 

Next stage, beside grooming is controlling the length, angle and size using guide curves

After grooming, dynamics and rendering will follow. At this stage I`m working on dynamics and rendering. Here are some test renders and video showcasing current stage of my BFH Tool.


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